Powder Painting and Galvanising

Painted and Galvanised Metalwork Designed in Oldham

When you’re looking at spending money improving the security of your home or premises, you want the finished product to last for years to come.

As specialists in metal work, we recommend that any new gates, fencing, railings or grilles be hot dip galvanised and powder painted. This way, we can guarantee the product for upwards of 25 years and you can enjoy your new installation knowing it will be very well preserved.

There’s nothing worse than paying out for something which lasts all of five minutes; for a quality product that is conserved for the foreseeable future, invest that little bit extra now so there’s no need to fork out for a replacement later.

The galvanised product can be painted in any one of an array of colours, resulting in an attractive, wipe-clean finish.

It is our aim to deliver a superb product for a good price. We always take a hands-on approach which focuses on the needs of our clients and exceeds their expectations.

To discover more about hot dip galvanising in Liverpool, Blackpool, Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas, talk to the specialists at Decorative Metal Products of Oldham, Lancashire.